Water Shutdown – October 30th

October 30th
There will be an interruption to water services between 10:00am and 4:00pm. This shutdown will affect subdivisions 1,2,4 and lower subdivision 3. Notices have been posted to the homes that will be affected. The lodge will be available for washrooms and water during this time.

Water Interruptions: May 30th

There will be interruptions to Water services through subdivision 4 and 4 a due to a water leak. This includes Edelwiess, larkspur and laurel place. Water will be turned off between 10am and 5pm until the leak is resolved.

Thank you for your patience while we attend to this issue.

Drinking Water – Annual Report and Update

Our 2014 Report for weekly water testing is available here :2014 Sample Range Report

The 2014 Sample Report shows the importance of following the boil water advisory as;

21% of tests contain E.Coli

50% of tests contain Coliform bacteria

We are maintaining an ongoing Boil Water Advisory and it will remain in effect until consistent test results are achieved.

The Drinking Water Annual Report is also available for viewing here: 2014 Annual Water Report

Update on Facility Improvements

Hemlock Utility Services has been dedicated to constructing a new Water Treatment Facility since the fall  of 2014. This significant investment in the Water System will help us to meet the Canadian Guidelines for Drinking Water Quality and deliver potable water to our customers. Construction is complete on the building and we are in the final stages of bringing the facility online. The new facility contains; two levels of filtration to reduce turbidity and contaminates, a UV system to inactivate bacteria, and a continuously monitored reservoir to ensure proper chlorine levels. This state of the art facility will ensure our fresh mountain water is a safe product for everyone to enjoy.

We are expecting to have the Water Treatment Facility in operation and commissioned in the next month. We will keep you informed of developments via this website and send a mailed announcement when our water is deemed potable by Fraser Health.

Excited for the future,

-Mike Duncan

Boil Water Advisory for Hemlock Valley

Recent test results show increasing levels of Coliform and E.coli in our drinking water.

We are advising residents to strictly adhere to the Boil Water Advisory until these water quality issues are resolved.  We are working diligently to rectify this situation and we will be providing further operational updates through this website.


(in effect as of April 2012)

The Fraser Health Authority has asked us to remind our customers that the

boil water advisory is still in effect.  The Hemlock Utility Water system may

contain potentially harmful microorganisms.  These organism could make you

sick and are a particular concern for infants, the elderly and people with weakened

immune systems.  Do not drink the water without boiling first or otherwise treating it.


~ Boiling:  Boil water for 2 minutes (Rolling Boil).
~ Iodine/Chlorine Tablets:  Follow Manufacturers directions.
~ Brita water filters will NOT provide treatment for microbes.
~ Store treated water in sanitary containers and keep refrigerated.
~ Boiled or bottled water should be used for DRINKING, COOKING, BRUSHING TEETH,

~ Avoid bathing young children in a bathtub, use a hand held shower if possible.

Please post this notice in your cabin or condo for guests or visitors.

For more information:

 contact Hemlock Utility Services at 604-797-4411

 or email mduncan@hemlockresort.ca